The basics of the research paper structure for beginners

Structuring your research paper is ideal. You need to make sure that you include all of the important parts. When you are looking for the basics that will help you write your paper with ease, this is your perfect guide.

  • Abstract
  • The abstract of your paper is a summary of your ideas. It should be around a half of a page to a page in length and no more. It will give all of the important information that your paper presents. Be sure to tell all of the juicy details. The reader should be able to read the abstract and know exactly what the entire paper is about. It should include all of the main points of the piece. If you had to write your entire paper in one page, what would you say?

  • Introduction
  • The introduction serves several purposes for the paper. It is where you will present the overall problem that you are discussing. You will also explain the purpose of your study and the overall objective. You will define any terms that the audience may need to know to understand the paper. It is where you will give any background information that is needed to give the audience a better understanding. Include the overall scope of the piece and any limitations that may exist. If you have incorporated any previous studies, be sure to include this information as well. It will be important to your research study.

  • Methodology
  • The methodology section explains how you conducted the study. You will need to explain exactly what you did in the study. It is important that you are able to include the information in detail so that someone else could replicate the study if they wanted to.

  • Results
  • This is the part where you will present the results of your study. You should be presenting the information that you found. Be sure to just present the results and not the analysis. That will go in the next section.